Doodles from the first Free! Draw meet held at monterrey, mexico. It was so fun! Mameshiba, Haru besides mer!haru and Rin saying “bbe” are courtesy from remainlikethis :3

My arms hurt but at least i can draw ;u; #dmmd #dramaticalmurder

I have been thinking A LOT in sillypeppers kawoshin au of Contractor!Kaworu and babysitter!Shinji it is realy so cute i’m planning on drawing something big based on this omg i love this.

its cold

its cold

i drew this guys while listening to all of their openings c’:

kuroko no basket (tentative) tarot set?? Idk if i can make them though but i think it would be cool. Do you guys have some suggestions for the next cards??? #kurobas #knb #knb2 #anime

the Tachibana siblings + Haru


smart shota ;;

This friday i finally got the chance to play Dmmd. So i livetweeted some draws i did of my favorite introduction parts.