He is still practicing.

hq_69min theme was “bandaids” :’)

Free! Eternal Summer first episode was SO COOL.

SO I made these free icons as celebration for it’s release. I can’t wait for all the surprises that these guys will have for us ( ; u ; )9

EDIT: i forgot Ai-chan’s mole ooops

Anonymous said: if you can do ships too for the color pallet thing, can you draw kenhina with 6 please !!

ehehehe sure (i don’t know how to draw consoles ;;)

mizuta nobuyuki with #3 please c:

gakuran style

Arakita + 4 c:

I LOOOVE ARAKITAAAA. He is so fun to draw ;u;

Anonymous said: makishima with 1


Anonymous said: tsukishima with #2?

Oh tsuki~

 said: could you draw nishinoya with #4? ;u;



Pete and I’s matching icons by ibiscolors


wowwowowowowie! this is a commission i got of alexis and mine oc’s aahhh

on the left with brown eyes is mine james and the right with teal-ish hair is hers charlie and just, ITS THEM WE HAVE THEM AS DRAWINGS NOW YEHAW

i got this commission from the lovely ibiscolors who did a really great job and yeeee thank you!