early concepts for a project with a friend.


Luna and her flower crown ♥


Luna and her flower crown




yeah ok but what does weaboo even mean

like who just said one day 


…the WEABOO.”

and everyone else went along with it

ok quick history lesson

so on 4chan the word “wapanese” was used to refer to dumb anime nerds. white boy wannabe japanese. makes sense.

A mod got pissed at it being used so much and said that the next person to use it would get banned, so the boards decided to use a silly nonsense word to replace it. 

by complete general consensus, the boards picked the word “weeaboo” from a perry bible comic.


henceforth, “weeaboo” was used in replacement of “wapanese”. 

the end.

I have learned so much


Wait for it…


Wait for it…


in 1990, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to promote their Pizza Hut album, “Coming Out of Their Shells.” My mom recorded it on a VHS tape for me, and labeled it “TURTLES ON OPRAH.” That VHS tape sat in my entertainment center for over a decade, before getting popped into a VCR one evening in high school when me and my friends were bored. 

Everything changed.

This is 43 minutes of nostalgic ’90s insanity. Oprah Winfrey, trying her hardest to wrangle an audience of 9 year olds that JUST want to see the Turtles fight — even though the Turtles keep telling them that they are done with violence. There are dance numbers, awkward questions, and a grown woman wearing a Turtles costume just sitting in the audience, unexplained.

As far as I know, no other copy of this exists. I have never found it online, and all I’ve seen on YouTube is a video of the final ten minutes, with a warped aspect ratio. I digitized this around 2003 to put on VCD’s for my friends. I just discovered the file. I just uploaded it to YouTube.

Everything has changed again.


why do some people make erwin the sexual pro in eruri i mean if levi said “ive been bad” erwin would probably say “i did wonder who broke the microwave”


omg yes 


This is very important.



IKEA Commercial Features Cosplayer

Love this advert!!! now i want them to come to my house and sort my sewing room out!